Message from management:

Pho Ngoc Yen is a family owned and operated restaurant. We pride ourselves in the service that we provide. Once you enter the restaurant, our friendly staff will greet you with a smile, making you feel relaxed and comfortable. The friendly atmosphere accompanied by the soothing sound of the music from around the world, will make you feel a sense of nostalgia, like being at home.

Once seated, we will serve you with a variety of selection of beverages that will quench your thirst and ignite all your senses.

Before serving, our food is meticulously prepared, properly inspected and approved by the executive chef. With proper timing to marinate and simmer, our food will delight your taste buds, giving you the experience that is out of this world that will make you yearning for more. The great taste of our food will leave you helpless, making you surrendered to all your inhibition and will leave you completely satisfied.

To top it off, we offer delicious treats and desserts that are specially made to your liking.

You are important to us. We will ensure that your experience with us will be pleasant and lasting… Bon appetite!